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Why Us?

At M.D. Overseas Ltd, the first thing noticed by our employees is the difference of working with an organization that carries a robust legacy of over six decades. Our maturity and heritage is reflected in our egalitarian policies, structured operations and best-in-industry HR practices.

With utmost respect for the individual, innovation and initiative, we have been able to foster a spirited environment, in spite of our span in the industry. Our belief in nurturing the individual to achieve sustainable success makes us the ideal place for people seeking to add value to their careers, while fetching a competitive remuneration.

With equal focus on realizing both, individual and organizational goals, we cultivate a friendly yet, competitive environment that motivates individuals to put in their best each day. Our commitment towards nurturing individuals has given rise to a strong culture wherein the growth of our people is as important as the realization our vision.


  • Ample opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Competitive packages, performance bonuses and other incentives.

  • Horizontal and vertical growth opportunities to assist in the development of new skills and identification of strengths and interests.

  • Periodic feedback and discussions for constant improvement.

  • A just atmosphere that encourages the treatment of individuals with dignity and respect.