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Our Legacy

From leading the export of silver bullion in the '70s to setting up the first RBI approved refinery in 1976, diversifying into the import/export of an assortment of commodities in the '80s, being a market leader in the Precious Metals Physical Trading segment in India since 1994, and setting up a Gold Refinery, the story of M.D. Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has been one of consistent evolution.

Throughout our leading-edge journey of six decades, bullion has always remained at the heart of operations at M.D. Overseas Pvt. Ltd. The import of Gold and Silver into the major trading centers of India as well as the export of plain gold jewelry and medallions forms the very core of our business portfolio.

Equipped with a team of highly committed experts, technical and commercial experience gathered over decades of operation as well as strict adherence to due diligence practices, we are constantly on the lookout to further strengthen our robust network, which pans across the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle-East as well as South & South - East Asia.

Continuing to build our success story on the cornerstones of ethical practices, maintaining exceptional quality standards and challenging our limits, the promoters have made a foray into real estate development under the name Young Builders Pvt. Pvt. Ltd.


  • M. D. Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is the first refinery in India to make delivery on MCX in April 2021 Gold Mini Contract.
  • M. D. Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Gold & Silver Bars are now BSE Deliverable.
  • M.D. Overseas Pvt. Ltd Gold Bars are now NSE Deliverable - the new Indian Gold Good Delivery Standard.
  • NABL accreditation and BIS license received by our Gold refinery in Rudrapur, Uttrakhand in the years 2017 and 2018 respectively.
  • Various awards in the categories 'Best Bullion Dealer of the Year’ for leading performance in Gold, Silver and overall performance conferred upon by Industry Associations - IBJA, IIGC, BBA and FIEO in the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.
  • Group's Chairman Emeritus, Shri Puranmal Bansal honoured with ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ by BBA in 2012.